Some places

of interest in Mallorca

Castle of Bellver

The castle of Bellver is a destination that you can not miss if you are in Mallorca. It is one of the oldest castles in Europe and its peculiar circular shape makes the views from the castle so unique and unique that they named it Bellver, which means "beautiful". Nowadays it is used as a museum, where historical and curious facts of the castle are explained, among which the fact that it was used as prison. You can not leave Mallorca without visiting its castle by reference, it is certainly an indispensable visit.

Cathedral of Santa Maria

Certainly, one of the most well-known tourist destinations on the island, if not the most, is the Cathedral of Santa Maria. This beautiful structure is a monument built by King Jaime I in thanks to Santa María for saving him from the shipwreck on his voyage by sea to Mallorca. It took about 300 years to build itself, taking care of every detail, leaving an impeccable finish and making the cathedral the historic jewel it is today.

Soller Railway

The train of Sóller is a train line that links Palma de Mallorca with Sóller, passing through Buñola, a town known for its beautiful views, among others. During the trip, it crosses several inaccessible mountain places by car and too complicated to climb on foot, giving wonderful views.

Farm of Esporles

The farm, a historical possession located in the municipality of Esporles, is known since the Roman times for the important water flow of its source. The Muslims, who dominated the island from the tenth to the thirteenth century, settled in the area by founding the farmhouse known as Alpich. Later, when Jaime I conquered Mallorca, this one divided the island in four parts and the count Nunyo Sanç was established in the possession. Today La Granja is open to the public and hosts an ethnographic museum, along with a varied sample of typical farm animals.

Sanctuary of Lluc

The Sanctuary of Santa Maria de Lluc and whose toponym comes from the Latin Lucus to refer to "sacred forest", is located in the municipal term of Escorca, in full Mountain of Tramontana. It is considered the holy and pilgrimage place par excellence of the island, because it resides in him the Virgin of Lluc, patron saint of Mallorca. It also has a botanical garden, enriched by more than 200 varieties of plants divided into different areas.

Son Marroig

The Casa Museo de Son Marroig is a private institution created in 1927 with the purpose of preserving, promoting and promoting the emblematic figure of the Archduke Luis Salvador. His great hall museum is dedicated to his figure, where you can find drawings, books and personal effects of his. The visit to the house is completed with a tour of its gardens, where the Archduke left his imprint: with its immense cistern, the viewpoint "Des Galliner".

Coves del Drach

Between 1922 and 1935 the cave was conditioned to be visited, opening a new entrance, drawing roads, stairs, and the electric lighting designed by the engineer Mr. Buigas. The tour lasts about an hour, and the tour is about 1,200 meters, which includes a concert of classical music and a boat trip through Lake Martel.


Valldemossa, is situated in an elevated site, forming part of the valley of the Sierra de Tramuntana, full of olive and almond trees. It is rich in springs and is surrounded by an abundant and lush vegetation, giving the feeling of being a village remansado in a secular stillness. They offer a special charm to its steep and narrow streets. They emphasize the birthplace of Santa Catalina Thomás and the church of the thirteenth century.

Coves dels hams

The caves dels Hams are a system of caves located on the east coast of Mallorca. The caves are located in the municipality of Manacor, 1 km west of the town of Porto Cristo, where there is another system of caves called the caves of the Drach. Both systems are a popular tourist attraction in the eastern region of the island.

Colomer Viewpoint

El Mirador de Sa Creueta or El Colomer de Mallorca is located on the peninsula of Formentor, to the northeast of the island and is one of the first stops essential for any traveler who comes to discover these beautiful Mediterranean landscapes. This tour takes us to the lighthouse, to virgin beaches and hiking trails.